Autonet Insurance & Carole Nash

Autonet Insurance, as part of the Ardonagh Insurance Group of companies, provides a range of market-leading underwriter/legal-services brands which are tailored to meet the differing demographics of their clients, distributed through various sales channels. Primarily as a digital specialist, their main distribution channels are through price comparison websites, direct traffic via their website, call centres and via affiliate & affinity partners.

The Challenge

In a market that is continually changing and evolving, Autonet’s philosophy of “….provide(ing) a superior and professional service to customers……(and being) committed to helping our 700 plus staff to achieve their goals and encourage them to be the best at what they do” is evidenced by their multi-award winning track record.

Oculus Procurement was engaged in February 2018, following a number of strategic acquisitions, which saw Autonet acquire the largest motorcycle insurance broker in the UK. Oculus led a range of supply chain consolidation initiatives which would see the best-of-breed suppliers introduced across the group to improve commercial value, improve supplier performance and ensure that they were working with the right suppliers to get the best customer outcomes.

Our Aspirations

  • Supply chain consolidation following acquisitions
  • Spend leverage
  • Improved buying practices

Our Strategy

Our initial approach was to gain an intimate understanding of the supply chains for both companies. As with our standard methodology, Oculus led a series of category workshops, engaging with budget holders across the companies, so we were able to agree on the areas of focus collectively.

The depth of category knowledge of our practitioners allowed us to indicate real-world and practical opportunities to increase the value from the various supplier arrangement in place.

After that, once the preliminary list of category reviews was proposed and formed, Oculus led a series of core teams through a detailed and thorough sourcing and supplier negotiation processes.

As with any consolidation programme across multiple companies, each with stakeholders who have their own individual needs, wants and pressures, it was vital to establish efficient and clear decision-making protocols and programme management techniques, ensuring that progress continued and that pragmatic decisions were made quickly.

Our Solution

Oculus led a review of 8 separate categories, across an extensive range of areas, encompassing tactical, strategic and FCA regulated activities, for example;

  • Print
  • Ancillary and Add-On Insurance Products
  • Utilities
  • Operational Consumables
  • Postage and Direct Mail

Our objective was to ensure that the projects selected for review, reflected areas which would make the most significant positive impact for our client, while ensuring that any BAU activities were channelled into the cost reduction programme as appropriate, to ensure there were no missed opportunity.

Mid-way through our engagement, our client announced the completion of the further acquisition of Swinton Insurance. We were asked to extend our remit to account for the added volume of specific spend categories following this acquisition.


  • Autonet
  • Carole Nash

Business Benefits

At March 2019, Oculus continues to work with Autonet, supporting its procurement needs. Our engagement has delivered significant benefits to our client and their broader group of companies.

  • New energy management and procurement strategy, seeing the consolidation of all property under a single broker.
  • Strategic reviews of print, operational consumables, post and direct mail, which has resulted in cost savings, service improvements, but most importantly, the introduction of more capable suppliers into their business.
  • A total review of our clients’ supply chain for ancillary/add-on insurance products, leveraging their consolidated volumes with market-leading A-rated insurance underwriters and product providers.

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