Head Office Fitout

Our client was one of the largest mutual building societies in the UK and wished to relocate its head-office location.

The Challenge

Situated in the North of England, our client had undertaken a rapid reorganisation and transformation of its business operations over the preceding 18 months to ensure it was ‘right-sized’ to current and future trading conditions, whilst ensuring it maintained high levels of customer service and its ability to serve the community.

As part of this transformation our client wished to relocate its head-office location and develop a modern and attractive workspace to support future growth and talent acquisition.

However, a lack of habitable buildings; aggressive timescales; and very real budget constraints meant any new facility would have to be designed and ‘fitted out’ within a matter of months. Compounding this, our client had limited experience in undertaking such activities.

As such, our client needed a sourcing process to be delivered at pace, that identified a best-in-class provider, whilst ensuring our clients’ commercial interests were protected.

Our Strategy

Mindful of the time constraints, a conventional tender process (which would see separate design and building packages (tenders)) would not be appropriate. As such, our strategy was to lead a tender process for a full ‘Design and Build’ commission.

This type of commission would see a standalone organisation be responsible for the entire design and workspace planning process, leading to a final building design for our client to approve.

From there, the chosen partner would project manage and deliver the entire fitout and construction process arising out of the design.

Our Solution

Our solution was to lead an RFP for the design and build commission. We used our extensive contacts within the industry to introduce market leading providers into the RFP process, for consideration by our client.

Our RFP process was structured to lead our client and suppliers through all facets of the design and build process, from;

  • Building selection/survey;
  • Landlord consents and planning;
  • Conceptual designs;
  • Cost planning and margin control;
  • Workspace planning;
  • Project planning and construction.

Our process enabled our end client to have the comfort and security of set detailed budgets; structured planning; and case study, whilst enabling suppliers to demonstrate their talents through conceptual designs.

Business Benefits

Our client viewed this project as a great success.

Our client was led through a structured process that brought clarity to what is a highly specialised area, whilst having the comfort that they were speaking to the right suppliers and subsequently the awarded supplier.

The RFP process saw the commission being awarded to one of the leading design and build companies in the UK, whom has worked with some of the UK’s leading FinTech organisations.

At the time of writing this case study, our client is now well underway with the construction and development of its new site, working in partnership with its chosen provider, and is on track (and on budget!) for the completion of its new site in March 2019.

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