Client: International Law Firm

This case study looks at our engagement with a large international law firm, where Oculus helped their facilities team deliver 3 projects which all had varying degrees of complexity.

The Challenge

The client is represented in 24 countries worldwide with annual revenue of over $2.12bn.  The 9th largest law firm in the world with over 2,800 lawyers and the very first Oculus client.

Oculus began its engagement in April 2017 when we were engaged by the Head of Facilities Services to work on a number of projects with the internal team.  The objectives of the engagement were to deliver results in the form of supply chain and service improvements, to ensure the firm was receiving value for money and to share the Oculus ways of working and category knowledge with the wider Facilities team.

The Challenge

  • Engaged to work across a number of Facilities projects.
  • Deliver supply chain and service improvements.
  • Ensure the firm received value for money.
  • Share the Oculus knowledge with the internal team.

Our Strategy

From the outset, we wanted to develop a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities across the team to ensure that the firm always received the best commercial outcome.  As with our standard methodology, Oculus led a series of category workshops, engaging with budget holders and suppliers to establish the current landscape of the areas, but most importantly, to understand how further value can be derived to support a better customer proposition or operational service delivery.

The categories in scope were as follows:

  • Office Suppliers – stationery, printed material, and items which were bespoke to the firm to be supplied to both the UK and Global offices.
  • Courier Services – the delivery of courier services for items despatched from the London office.
  • Employee Gym Facility – the resourcing and management of the facility in conjunction with the maintenance of the equipment.

The depth of category knowledge of the Oculus team allowed us to take the lead on both the sourcing and contracting work to ensure the firm was engaging with high-quality supply chain partners at extremely competitive rates.  In addition to also ensure that one of the commercials had been agreed that they were supported by a strong contract with well-articulated and detailed service level agreements.

Whilst we took the lead on all Procurement initiatives one of the key objectives, of course, was to share ways of working and with this in mind we ensured that the development of the clients facilities team from a category knowledge perspective was at the forefront of our mind throughout.

The Strategy

  • Developed a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities.
  • Led a series of category workshops and both sourcing and contracting work.
  • Delivered strong commercial results.
  • Developed detailed contractual SLA’s.
  • Shared Procurement and category knowledge with the internal team.

Our Solution

Oculus led a thorough and comprehensive review of all the work included in the engagement.

Our objective was to ensure that the client appointed the most capable suppliers, who were able to positively influence and work collaboratively in partnership, rather than simply providing the lowest cost.  Indeed a focus on price savings was never at the top of the agenda for the client and all conversations were consistently centered on delivering optimum value for money.

The Oculus sourcing methodology is comprehensive and ensured our client received a service whereby they had the confidence in the result and that that the right supplier had been sourced, by way of a thorough, rigorous and robust procurement process:

  • Thorough RFP and invitation to a tender process
  • Specification drafting that ensured deliverables and end-client requirements were clear.
  • Robust negotiations through the tender process, to drive out cost and secure greater value from the supply chain.
  • Collaborating with the client in terms of the drafting of comprehensive supplier contracts to ensure their legal and commercial interests were protected.

The Solution

  • Comprehensive Procurement reviews.
  • Ensured suppliers were appointed based upon a broad criteria including cultural fit.
  • Delivered optimum value for money on all reviews undertaken.
  • Ensured all legal and commercial interests were protected.

Business Benefits

We worked with this client for in excess of 12 months and in this time delivered significant and sustainable benefits including cost savings well in excess of £100k per annum.  In addition to the savings the benefits included:

  • Simplification of internal processes.
  • Vastly improved quality of supply chain.
  • Improved innovations through technology.
  • Spend under contract with clearly defined service standards.
  • Increased transparency through improved management information.

Following our engagement, we were pleased to receive a testimonial from the Head of Facilities Services:

“We have worked with Oculus Procurement on a number of strategic purchasing initiatives over the last twelve months. We have been impressed with their flexible, pragmatic and structured approach along with their significant commodity expertise. I have absolutely no doubt we will work with them again in the future.”

The Benefits

  • Delivered significant and sustainable savings in excess of £100k per annum.
  • Aside from cost other significant benefits delivered including the streamlining of working practices.
  • Improved supply chain and technology implemented.
  • Strong endorsement of the Oculus service.

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