Mobile Telephony

This case study looks at a large professional services organisation with significant spend, through a large re-seller, on mobile phones. The review resulted in a 40% cost saving, whilst remaining on the same network.  

The Challenge

The client was a large professional services provider who was growing significantly but had a very limited focus on Procurement.

Their spend on mobile phones was significant and the client was utilising a large re-seller.

Whilst the account had grown significantly the client believed that there were limited savings opportunities and the relationship with the reseller was running very well.

The initial challenge was to mobilise the stakeholder who had time constraints to spend on this this review and establish clear and detailed information on the account including cost and volumes.

  • Mobile phones and data

Our Strategy

From a strategic perspective it was agreed that Oculus were to source a partner that was capable of delivery optimum value for money on the mobile telephony solution on day 1 but had proven capability on integrating the fixed line and data requirements moving forwards (essentially a strategic partner for all telecoms requirements)

Rather than issuing a tender initially we engaged with providers directly pre-tender to engage them in this process to ensure a committed and relevant bid. In addition these meetings also shaped the tender specification which was crucial.

Following the agreement of the high level strategy and the engagement of the providers in pre-tender meetings the sourcing strategy was agreed and implemented with the client with Oculus undertaking a significant role in this project due to the clients resource constraints.

Our Solution

A 2 year agreement with a network provider was contracted directly which showed significant savings of 40%.

Aside from cost savings the client also received new handsets across their user base and we agreed on behalf of the client that all contracts would be co-terminus.

The transition from the re-seller to the new supplier was seamless and the contract was signed ahead of go-live. The stakeholder was incredibly complimentary of the work undertaken due to the results delivered and the limited work they personally had to deliver. Oculus effectively ran the process from start to finish with the client coming into the process for the key decision points.

Business Benefits

  • Sustainable prices over the 2 year contract term
  • Significant improvements in terms of the focus on the account from both the client and supplier
  • Contract awarded to a strategic partner capable of leading a transitional journey post go-live to consolidate mobile and fixed line telephony as part of the evolution of the account

Cost Saving

  • 40% cost savings whilst remaining on the same network

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