Multi Functional Devices

This case study looks at a review of Multi Functional Devices (MFD's) for a large financial services business. The review resulted in a 30% cost reduction as well as improved machine functionality, speed and reliability.

The Challenge

The client was a large financial services business who wanted to get the optimal solution at their Head Office in terms of the most appropriate floor layout with the right number and type of equipment.  Whilst the appropriate specification of the equipment and quality of the output was vital  a key deliverable was also all of this at a much more competitive cost than the current solution.

A comprehensive review was required to create the optimum solution, with the most appropriate manufacturers, with the best service provider at the best value for money.


  • Printers
  • Photocopiers
  • Fax Machines

Our Strategy

It was clear that we were unable to source a solution until we had developed a specification of requirements and understood the current assets and associated costs so we undertook a 2 stage approach:

  • Stage 1 – reviewed a number of potential suppliers prior to engaging with a market leading partner to undertake a ‘print investigation’.  The output of this was a comparison between the current and proposed layout, equipment, specification and costs (no supplier cost for stage 1).
  • Stage 2 – Once the new solution was reviewed, considered and finalised the solution was put to tender with alternative suppliers.

Our Solution

A 5 year agreement with a leading MFD equipment and service provider. This solution consolidated the supply chain and both improved and standardised the service.

The company saw significant operational improvements from right sized equipment with improved speed and functionality with much higher availability due to the replacement of less reliable equipment.

From a cost savings perspective the savings to the client were in the region of 30%.

Finally from a service perspective there was a significant improvement in cost transparency through very relevant and detailed MI reporting.

Business Benefits

  • Improved machine functionality, speed and reliability.
  • Market leading provider appointed offering vastly improved service levels and increased transparency through MI reporting.
  • Supply chain consolidated and contract drafted to support the new agreement articulating all relevant SLA’s/KPI’s.

Cost Saving

  • 30% cost reduction

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