Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The client was a large financial and professional services institution. Following the announcement of business re-structure and re-organisation plan, the organisation needed to improve recruitment strategy and reduce complexity, whilst ensuring it could still attract the best talent for the organisation.

The Challenge

Historically our client had administered a relatively large PSL of recruitment companies and temporary labour providers. These spanned from administrative positions through to specialist positions such as database-analysts, function business partners and claims management specialists.

The client benefitted from an in-house resourcing team, taking the form of ‘recruitment business partners’, however, it was felt that the current strategy did not attract sufficient numbers of quality candidates and hiring managed lacked awareness of the variety of processes/channels used to attract candidates.

The client, therefore, faced an immediate challenge to find an outsourced provider whom could provide and deliver an effective recruitment strategy and service.

Our Strategy

Given the lack of internal resource to effectively manage a large PSL and the desire to reinvigorate and redesign the recruitment strategy, our client needed a partner whom could delivery two things;

  • Firstly, extremely high levels of knowledge of the recruitment and talent attraction strategy, in terms of available candidates; the design of an employee value proposition; and the most effective challenges for recruitment.
  • Secondly, a comprehensive service proposition in the recruitment, screening and inducting of new colleagues.

To fulfill this recruitment process outsourcing requirement we undertook a two-stage procurement process.

Stage 1 – saw an RFI process to assess supplier capability, suitability to partner with our client, client testimonials an initial commercial/pricing analysis, inviting both national and regional suppliers.

Stage 2 – analysed their ability to manage third-party suppliers on behalf of the client to supplement their own networks in local ‘pinch points’, and, presenting an overarching recruitment strategy, giving consideration to brand, local market supply and demand, outsourcing opportunities and the use of technology.

Our Solution

The conclusion of our review process saw our client partner with one of the largest recruitment providers in the UK; agreeing to a multi-year recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solution.

Their scope would see them responsible for all recruitment activity within the business, from the creation of an agreed recruitment strategy, all the way through to the induction and onboarding of new colleagues whom were recruited through the services.

This new strategy took for the form of a reinvigorated recruitment platform which saw a new website, an engaging and active social media presence and the TUPE transfer of incumbent personnel to the supplier to retain skills and experience.

This new arrangement also saw the standardisation of all rates and fees across our client’s portfolio of recruitment needs, with clear and unambiguous rate structures, generating savings for our client.

Business Benefits

  • Standardisation of all rates and fees with the supplier and second-tier agencies.
  • Consistency of KPI’s and SLA across all business areas and requirements.
  • A new and proactive recruitment strategy, brand and website.
  • 25% reduction in recruitment costs.
  • Single point of contact and outsourcing of day to day management duties which enabled the client to ensure its recruitment needs were being met, without the benefit of a large internal team.

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