Spend Data Consolidation

The client was a diverse and complex business, made up of 4 organisations with a combined annual spend of £100m+, and as such its spend data has always been highly fragmented across multiple systems.

The Challenge

The challenge faced by their Group Head of Procurement has been a lack of consistent and reliable data; as a result of this, effective management of the supply chain has been overly complex and the effective prioritisation of spend reviews and category management by the Procurement team has been difficult.

Our Strategy

To solve this problem Oculus would provide solid analytical/reporting skills, but more importantly, bring a deep understanding of what a procurement team would (in practice) need, whilst ensuring it was accessible, easy to work with and scalable.

The client already had an outline of the categorisation maps and had data on geographic location, contract register, financial score, business area etc.

Using this we would develop a single data set combining all raw data into a format that could be consolidated into one reporting structure.

Our Solution

Our solution to the challenge saw:

  • Duplicate suppliers across organisations identified and consolidated.
  • Spend areas categorised.
  • Master data consolidated into a single data file.
  • Spend reports built into the data file to run a suite of spend reports.

The final solution saw a consolidated data set created, which can be continually updated using the raw data from each separate system.

This in-turn feeds into a suite of automatically generated reports designed around the clients requirements.

Business Benefits

  • Standardised data sets across all 4 areas of the clients organisation.
  • A reliable source of data giving one version of the truth and allowing more effective management of their supply chain and prioritisation of spend reviews.
  • A simple excel structure which the clients team can use continually without additional support.
  • A low cost and time efficient solution – the client spent a fraction of the what would be required cost wise to consolidate into one system

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