Our client was a multi site organisation within the Automotive Industry whom purchased their energy directly.

The Challenge

The client had a completely disaggregated supply chain of multiple gas and electricity contracts and varying start/end dates.

In addition, there was no overt strategy in terms of volume/demand management; utility generation; bill validation and very little management or understanding of the area which had not been reviewed for some time.

Our Strategy

The objective of the review was to identify any cost savings through the procurement of energy and the viability of introducing an energy broker.

We would also investigate opportunities such as voltage optimization; bill validation; demand management approaches and opportunities to undertake self-generation.

The exercise saw a reputable energy broker introduced to the client to undertake a full review of their gas and electricity arrangements.

Our Solution

The energy broker was formally appointed to secure the new pricing from the energy provider.

The energy broker undertook a comprehensive tender exercise, by way of a whole-of-market utility provider portfolio, to right-size the clients’ gas and electricity costs.

Subsequently, undertook a retrospective reclaim of overcharges and billing errors and then implementing a smart meter platform to ensure 100% billing accuracy moving-forward.

Business Benefits

By appointing the successful broker further opportunities to reduce costs are to be investigated through:

  • Retrospective bill validation
  • Energy generation through solar panel usage
  • Property voltage optimisation

Cost Saving

  • Identified a total saving of 13% across all fuels

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