Our Values

Our values underpin our approach to partnering with our clients. They describe what we expect of ourselves and how we want to work with our clients.

These values are integral to how we work with you, and how we want you to work with us.

  • We believe in making fact-based decisions and helping our clients navigate complex challenges with logic and structure.
  • We ensure that our clients’ strategy remains at the forefront of any engagement we undertake.
  • We want to discover and understand the true needs of our clients, so we can make sure their expectations are exceeded.
  • We will always provide a healthy challenge and be the ‘critical friend’ that will help take our client forward.
  • We help you find the right supplier partners: ones that deliver value, professionalism, and quality. Price and cost-killing is not our focus.


The Oculus Procurement leadership team hold 50 years of combined procurement experience, with professional qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS). This combined experience has generated a level of understanding of how procurement works best within an organisation informed not just by theory but by hands-on experience. This is central to how we work with clients and integral to our approach to partnering with you.

Our approach to partnering focuses on a two-way commitment between our clients and ourselves, ensuring that we will:

  • Share information consistently, accurately and transparently – to ensure you can make clear, fact-based and unambiguous decisions.
  • Be considerate – of each other’s pressures, constraints and challenges when interacting with each other.
  • Collaborate, share and take appropriate ownership, responsibility and accountability – for our delivery, whilst ensuring we are clear of what we need from you to ensure success.
  • Be realistic – all projects have challenges and speed-bumps; reacting to them pragmatically is how we make the right level of progress.
  • Follow your lead – no one knows your business better than you. We want to develop intricate knowledge of your business so we can both be confident in what is delivered.