Managed Service

Many leading organisations have recognised the value that strong and embedded procurement and commercial management can deliver to their financial performance.

There are opportunities to reduce supplier costs; manage risks more effectively; and improve cash management and working capital; as well as contributing to revenue generation. In many respects, the stock value of procurement professionals has never been higher: and the case for procurement-led investments and expense management initiatives continues to strengthen.

Strong purchasing capabilities are a vital contributor to both shareholder value and competitive differentiation. However, many organisations fail to grasp the opportunities that come with a fully embedded and mature approach to procurement.

There are numerous reasons for this. Nevertheless, our experience evidences a few fundamental, but powerful, blockers to progress:

  • Simply put, a client may not have sufficient resource and capability to deliver the change. Whether, procurement, commercial, or a wider programme management skillset, a client may need support in a variety of critical path roles, from sourcing through to contract.
  • The scale of change needed may feel too great and the challenge too overwhelming, and a client may need help to focus on the critical path – or at the very least, see “the wood for the trees!”
  • Lastly, a need for a targeted and scalable project team cannot be fulfilled effectively through traditional resourcing channels. Clients are often torn between an ugly compromise of finding the employees vs hitting programme deadlines on time.
In the DNA

The Oculus Procurement Managed Service offering is aimed at C-Suite business leaders who are encountering these blockers and require a team of high-calibre and delivery focused commercial professionals that can lead them through the most complex commercial and procurement projects, whilst swiftly integrating themselves with your organisation and aligning their focus with your own.

Whether you need us to work with your existing in-house team, or to step in because you do not have one, our practitioners will bring both consulting and management experience (developed in senior commercial, supply-chain and senior procurement roles). Acquired in leading private-sector business and large scale public-sector/regulated organisations, this experience provides a depth of understanding that can help you ensure successful delivery – on-time and on-budget – across several avenues:

  • Merger & Acquisition – Supply chain scaling / consolidation / divestment activities
  • Whole-of-business category management and cost reduction programmes
  • Business distress and cost turnaround programmes
  • Project sourcing and supplier management, at scale
  • Performance and leadership coaching and mentoring

Backed by top-class programme management techniques, unsurpassed client and project communication, and a pragmatic approach that only comes from direct experience, our Managed Service ensures that your project has the right ingredient for success: by bringing you the team you need, when you need us.